D006 → WashU27

July–August 2023

While interning at my University’s Marketing & Communications Department, I developed collateral for a social media campaign welcoming the incoming class of 2027. I was given an instagram post made by a senior designer, with a full set of illustrated stickers, and asked to develop the existing system into facebook banners, instagram stories, and illustrations for GIPHYS. 

After creating facebook banners and instagram posts from preexisting stickers, I was asked to expand the system. I was given copy and asked to come up with ideas for animated GIPHYS to be used on instagram.  

After sketches were selected by the Social Media Team, I went ahead and created the above illustrations in accordance to the given design system, using the institutional typeface. 

Next, I was asked to create a set of Instagram stories to publish given data about the incoming class. Staff wanted to review three proofs of concept before developing a full set of stories.

The composition book style was chosen by staff, and it was developed into a set of 13 stories shared on the University’s instagram.