D001 → Heath

March–April 2024
Heath is a proposed Inn and Lounge located in the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. I designed the brand from the ground up, conducting extensive market research and creating print and digital assets to fully imagine it. The brand is contemplative and contemporary and encourages visitors to take respite in the quiet Sevier County hills. 

Above are the branding guidelines for Heath. Its brand is very contemplative and contemporary, appealing to an upper class adult audience. While the typography and palette is modern, it draws from the textures and shapes of its surrounding landscape and incorporating nostalgic elements of Appalachian craft. 


Some of the assets created for the brand include a motion reel for Instagram, introducing the brand to its target audience, and a tear away notepad for guest rooms. 

Its embossed cards encourage engagement; simple, sleek, and rich to the touch. 

Typeset in Prophet and Whyte Mono.